Adventure Calls

Adventure Calls, a folk song of Valgalia that I personally find to be quite comforting !!


The land of eternal winter

   Is a dream, a dream of mine

To see the icy fells and hills

   Before the end of time


The land of ancient myth

   Adventure, adventure calls

Off to the Northern Slopes

   Farewell, my cosy halls!


Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !



Lirandor, The Flower

I have begun working on some flora for my world and I have created a flower that is most commonly called Silver Cloud. 

Also known as Flower of Deception, Flower of Return, Flower of Spirit, (Blossom of) Silver Voice. In Erorain, they are called Lirendaur (Blossom of the Silver Voice, sg. Lirandor) or just Lirain (Silver Voice, sg. Liran).

These flowers are known for being quite unique. They have outer layers of white petals and one inner layer of petals that appear mostly white and silver, with faint hues of deep blue and violet. These flowers were inspired by Moonflowers, of which petals close during the day and unfurl beneath the moon. Similarly, during the day Lirendaur (sg. Lirandor) remains closed with only the fluffy white petals on display. Perhaps this is why they are likened to clouds so often. At nightfall, the petals begin to open, revealing the inner layer and glowing/shimmering beneath the moon and stars. (Unlike the Moonflower, Lirendaur do not furl, they simply close in the manner of a grasping fist).


Above is a simple drawing of an opened Lirandor.

These flowers were mentioned in the poem: The Tree-Man and Memeran the Gleaming and are native to the temperate climate of the Valley of Whispering White. Due to this tale being common knowledge around much of Valgalia, many peoples believe them to thin the veil and allow communication between the world of the living and the dead. Others believe the flowers give hallucinations only. If one wanted to connect with a deceased being, one would need to travel to the Valley and await nightfall for the flowers to open and inhale the scent of the flowers or eat the inner petals (particularly the elongated tips). Note that one would only do this if they truly believed the tales and if one felt bold enough to travel to lands so close to darkness.

Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !



By My Son

This is a poem I wrote and it came out as a lullaby! I imagine mothers comforting their young sons with this lullaby as well as their older sons upon their return from war.

By My Son

Hearken now my son

    Let your fears fade away

I’ll stay by your side

    As your weary head lay


Rest now my son

    Feel the light take hold

Let the night pass by

    Your mind is free, behold !


Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !


Of Light

Here is a poem I wrote and decided it will probably end up being the story of the how the moon came to be, in Elmetain culture.

Of Light

You stars ever shimmer

In her eyes you rage

Guardians of illusion nigh

Emerging as she calls

It is her hope, her dream

To inspire your magic

And fare to your home

By your light, she dwells

I haven’t posted in a month !!! I have been extremely busy with preparing for another course of study and creations to put into an exhibition. I might be away for a little longer but I shall be back to posting more often soon.

Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !



The Elmetain

The Elmetain were a tribe of men dating back to The Era of Slavery. They were nomads and pillaged other villages, trying to survive as a result of the Wars of Slavery. A man, who would become known as Glemen; would begin having visions which would ultimately change the way of life for the tribe and lead them to the first discovered crystals.

After Glemen‘s discovery of crystals, he was able to teach others in his tribe to find them and over hundreds of years these people slowly learnt the magic of these crystals, believing them to be fallen stars. They learnt how to live off the land instead of stealing from others, how to appreciate other creatures, the properties of each crystal found and their fascination and love for the stars began.

By The Era of Dragons, they had finally settled and built a city in the South-West of Valgalia. They continued to learn more about the crystals and with this knowledge came longer life-spans and knowledge of crystal healing. The other peoples of the world heard whispers of the Elmetain‘s power and wished to seek it for themselves. Sadly history repeated itself, and in time the Elemtain‘s home was destroyed again by men from Scathor and their Wyverns. The Elmetain became divided, some believing the crystals had brought karma to them for their earlier days of pillaging.

Today there are vast groups of Elmetain, mainly covering the continent of Valgalia. Many of these groups have lost the knowledge once held by their forebears, with their life-spans slowly decreasing again. In other groups, the knowledge remains with many still practising the art of crystal healing. Such ones now inhabit the Valley of Whispering White and they are known as the Elmeldeir or Valley People.

Glemen has always been a person of significance in Elmetain culture and this has not been forgotten by the Valley People. The following is a hymn used today by the Valley People; often spoken or sung aloud to Glemen. It is spoken or sung in Erorain, the common language of the Elmetain which is now used by the Valley People only in formal occasions such as celebrations, poetry, documents and song.

Hymn For Glemen Roman.pngHymn For Glemen Erorain

The following are words in Erorain:
Elmetain, meaning Light People, from elmetaur ‘people’ and wain ‘light’
Glemen, meaning Father of Crystals, from glemetor ‘father’ and memen ‘crystal’
Elmeldeir, meaning Valley People, from elmetaur ‘people’ and alder ‘valley’

Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !



I’ve been slowly developing the many races that dwell in the world of Valgalia and I have realised I would like to include goblins. I haven’t spent a lot of time working on them so far but I do know that they used to be a race of man who lived beneath and around the mountains and mined. They had very successful trade relationships and were highly respected by the peoples of Valgalia. When the earthquakes devastated much of the world, ending the Era of the Dragons; only some of these peoples managed to escape and over time the majority came to inhabit the nearby bogs and fens (as the forests were occupied already).

The different kinds of goblins are known as Boglins and Fenlins, depending on which place they are from. It is said that the waters of both the bogs and fens are what has slowly changed their skin and appearance, making them not the most pleasant looking of creatures. The goblins now use the plants around them to create potions and other mysterious things which enable them to be excellent in the art of illusion and are perceived as mischievous and sneaky due to this. This was a hard change for the people, missing the respect and success they once had, though they have always been too frightened to return to the mountains. They are a much more isolated peoples now, mainly due to being misunderstood; and on the rare occasion of a visitor, they actually get very excited and are proud of their hospitality.

The goblins aren’t exactly riveted by the idea of reproducing, however when falling in love, it is common to have at least one offspring.

This is all I have for now, and of course it is subject to change as I develop it more !!

Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !



I have been busy the last couple days making a map for my partner’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We are both really happy with the way it turned out and I am excited for him and his friends to use it, and to follow the development of his world. Here is the final map of Amra-Thix !

Amra-Thix Map Line Art Final With Signature

I constantly shared my process with my partner so I could get the map just the way he wanted and bring his world alive. The trees took forever and frustrated me a lot but I got there in the end !

I would like to mention that my map-making skills have improved a lot thanks to Caeora’s streams and through following their twitter. If you are interested in seeing some detailed breathtaking maps and learning how they’re made, then I suggest checking out their twitch channel as well as their blog for more information. Without these informative streams I would have no clue how to draw decent mountains, volcanoes and sand dunes… So thank you Caeora !!

For those who may be interested in the tools I use to produce these maps, I use standard paper and they are hand drawn first with a mechanical pencil and then inked with Artline Technical Drawing pens in the sizes 0.4, 0.5 and 0.8. I scan them onto my computer and touch them up in Adobe Photoshop.

Vâr metormen, ven atathinaur a meina !
May the stars carry you my friend !